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Lucia Moran


Lucia was born in Guatemala in 1978 and from a very early age dedicated herself to painting. Having studied Archeology in the University of the Valley of Guatemala and dedicated a large portion of her work to the investigation of the Mayan world. In the year 2000 she won the "Young Creative Bancafé" contest with the performance "Guardarecuerdos". Since then she has carried out multiple collective and individual expositions in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico and became part of a new generation of Guatemalan creators.
In 2003 she went for the first time to Barcelona where she studied painting in the Massana School of Art and Design. She returned to Guatemala in 2005 and continued pictorial production, exhibiting
regularly. She also worked in the cultural management committee for the Department of Culture. In 2007 with a MAE-AECID scholarship she returned to Barcelona to study a Masters in Cultural
Management at the University of Barcelona and at the same time continuing in artistic production.
Some of the individual expositions that she has done out in diverse countries:
Cosecha 2005-2007, painting and photography in Gallery "“Libélula”". Guatemala, 2007
Después del Umbral, Galería “Studio Cerrillo", in San Cristóbal las Casas, México 2007.
Pictorial samples, gallery "Libélula". Guatemala 2005.
De la distancia al recuerdo, galería Freud B-art , Barcelona 2004.
A corazón abierto, Colegio Mayor de Santo Tomas de Aquino. Antigua, Guatemala 2003.
Movidas al Viento galería “La Cúpula”, Guatemala 2002.
Sin Gravedad, galería de arte Gavroche, Guatemala 2001.
Guardarecuerdos, performance and photo exhibition. Guatemala, 2000.

Lucia has participated in diverse collective expositions:
Fem ART. It shows collective of art of women in Maritime Museum of Barcelona, June, 2008.
Zonas Adyacentes, art gallery Sol del Río, Guatemala 2001.
Temas Centrales, Regional Symposium on Contemporary Artistic Practice in TEOR/ETHICS, San José Costa Rica 2000.
Esas Cosas (installation) Festival October. Guatemala 2000.
Guardarecuerdos II Performance and exposition as part of the collective one of art Tripiarte, Guatemala 2000.

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