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Praba Pilar

Praba Pilar explores technology and community through site works, performances, street theatre, writing and websites. Her wildly diverse work has been presented at museums, galleries, public streets, universities and all kinds of arterventionist/ performalogic spaces, and honored with multiple awards - from Creative Capital to the Hawaii Fluxus Award.

For 2010 I will be blogging on the free dimensional platform.

I have been working with director Nitza Tenenblat for the last few months on a new piece, a situated performance project titled BOT I. The performance investigates multiple erasures while problematizing prevalent normative views of the primacy of Western scientific knowledge production and the erasure of the body, of the advantages of computing, of the militarization of robotics by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, of biopiracy and indigeneity, of the nano bio info cogno convergence and its revolutionary elements, of the increasing trafficking of women over the internet for sexual exploitation and of the proliferation of ewaste.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Performance Studies at the University of California at Davis. My designated areas of emphasis are: Practice as Research and Feminist Theory and Research.

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