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Galería Studio Cerrillo - San Cristóbal Chiapas
galería studio cerrillo / san cristóbal, chiapas

may 03

Kiki Suárez
Nunca Me Imaginé Que Iba Acabar Aquí


My work is fantasy, and what I paint are positive, whimsical images, revealing a situation that gives us hope. At the same time I think there is a seed of reality in each image. I paint very concrete everyday life situations: mother at the computer, daddy cooking in the kitchen with the children, mom and dad and the kids taking a hot bath together, friends embracing, or somebody holding her broken heart in her hands and crying. These are moments we all have known and lived through. In that sense, my paintings are universal; a person in Siberia understands them as well as a person in Japan or Africa. I do not paint typically Mexican scenes. Therefore, I do not consider my art to be Mexican, but when it comes to my colors and patterns, I see it as very Mexican, inspired by the color explosions of Mexican potters, weavers and artisans.

Web: http://www.kikitheartist.com

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