galería studio cerrillo / san cristóbal, chiapas

10 November 1 December 2011

ushi f & walter gramming

The concept is based on the pictures of DeLasCasas' book „A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies“ which illustrate the cruelty against the native people by the Spanish Conquerors – immagining the resistance of DeLasCasas himself.

About seven of the illustrations will be taken as the base for our bicoloured prints on acryl, appr. 20 x 30 cm.
Enlarged details/pictograms of the prints will be lasered out of neonacryl, appr. 10 x 10 cm, and arranged as satelites around the basic motives fitting in spaces of the surrounding walls as redundant eye-catchers.

A room installation of seven fragile objects is formed from smal neonacryl sticks, appr. 30 cm x 350 cm, hanging from the ceiling beams - perhaps reminding of skeletons.
Seven aluminium masks of DeLasCasas face are fixed in some of the pieces and float the atmosphere in the room.

Germany has a special relation to the book of DeLasCasa because one of its most famous authors, H.M. Enzensberger translated and commented it.
The delicately made original prints are visually translated into harsh digital hardly readable patterns. The pictograms out of these patterns become totally abstract signs. In this way the authors try to translate the actuality of todays oppression.
The room installation represents the floating power of humanist ideas and ideals which were always the aim of DeLasCasas work and is the counterpart of violence.

The concept of the whole work functions like a puzzle which will find spaces between the former exhibitions, but showing its own characteristic significance clearly.

At the end of the exhibition one of the masks of DeLasCasas face can be transformed into the wall of the Gallery.


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