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Galería Studio Cerrillo - San Cristóbal Chiapas
galería studio cerrillo / san cristóbal, chiapas

04-30 Septiembre 2009

Maya Haviland
Places I Carry With Me

For several years I have been working on a series called Places I Carry With Me – a series
inspired by my obsessive use of photographs to locate myself as I move through time and
space. In this work I make prints of landscape images – details, colours, textures - and install
them in the landscapes I find myself in – cityscapes, forests, dry lakes, intertidal zones.
Overtime I have begun incorporating people into the process of installation.
The primary images come from years of photographing the intertidal zones in the Kimberley
and the SE coast of Australia. Sometimes the installation images are small, a set of postcards
I can carry in my pocket, sometimes they are large, metre by metre prints installed on boards.
Sometimes they are photographic prints, which catch the light and make 3D illusions,
sometimes they have been printed on water colour papers or cardboard.
In this work I am interested in interaction of object and environment – weather, light, people,
tides, animals, time… The installations began in earnest in Kyoto, Japan in late 2006, when I
photographed small prints of these images in locations around the city. As I climbed through
public gardens and stuck up the images on the facades of buildings the response from passers
by was fascinating – and I realised that the installations were not only an interaction with place,
but with people, a theme I would like to take further in Chiapas.

Email: mayahaviland@iinet.net.au
Email: maya@communityprojects.com.au

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Bio/Biografía: Maya Haviland


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