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VIDEO VISIONS dustintrouble lab of images

These works are the products of the encounter between the cinematographic experience of Dustintrouble and the backgrounds of each artist. Their principle artistic disciplines are as varied as painting, sculpture, photography, architecture and conceptual art. The medium of video is used as an extension of the specific language of each artist and his or her own personal vision, incorporating the main themes of their artistic career. “Video:Visions” is conceived as a dialogue between Dustintrouble and artists and as an opportunity for them to create in this, for them, a new medium.

New York ~ Berlin ~ Venezia

A mix/mash of different artists and dustintrouble.

. Waiting for the sun by Federico Cau (04:05);

. Riva by Laura Federici (02:49);

. Inside-out by Martina Fiorentino (04:24);

. Crow by Hassan Meer (04:42);

. Hermes by Vittorio Messina (09:38);

. Almost object by Maurizio Montagna (04:47);

. Vitti-male by Marco Pellegrino (03:38);

. Via Bixio by Jack Sal (13:58);

. Blind fold by Friederike Schaefer (07:35);

. Forma orbis – Open Rome by Donata Tchou & Maria Veltcheva (04:02).

Tel: Federico Cau: +39 3924013482
Tel: Marco Pellegrino: +39 3333522369

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