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Sylvain Fornaro

Born in Chevreuse (Yvelines-France), in December 24th 1971. I live in the South of France where I work mostly on painting and video, sometime in a very scattered way. I am at first fond of comics, fantastic movies, rock'n roll, special FX and other things... as cardboard... The first painter who touched me was Munch but quickly I got to like many others as Otto Dix ; Hopper ; Fussly ; Turner... or even de Kooning ( the list is far from being exhaustive ! )... I am also attracted by totality art (and it's aesthetics) and interested by propaganda (which questions me). I 've been painting for about 20 years, inspired by different kind of things but mostly everyday life (and night...). The street was one of my first subject of preference, for example one of my early picture, in 1988, was called "Side Walk 1" and even if I never made "Side Walk 2" (yet ?), I did other frames with titles as "Bus Stop Up Town" ; "Bus Stop Down Town" ; "Rush Hour" ; "Commuters" etc ... At the same time, I've always been attracted by fantasy, imaginary subjects, some ways to watch life through a fantastic filter (extrapolation). Internal life, for sure, has also been influent on some more introverted paintings as my series of Abysses... All those paintings, together, are finally like a full diary in pictures... These past few years I got more and more into video works and it seems that as I filmed people, little by little, they disappeared (at the moment) from my paintings who mainly represent cardboard boxes for now, is it like some way to symbolically tidy up everything that I made until now ? Or some kind of unconscious desire for a moving? Some would even say that it's about merchandising and globalization... It has surely many meanings, but it is mostly the pleasure to paint sensual nuances, like if it was cubic skin... Through cardboard, I still like flesh!


88-89 :studies at the beaux arts school of Ste (38),France.
89-91 :studies at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and Delgado Community College for drawings, illustrations and exhibitions.
?92-93:lived and exhibited in Liege (Belgium).
94 :Biennale des Jeunes Crateurs dEurope de la Mediterrane, Lisboa (Portugal).
?95-96 :exhibitions in Maubec Avignon and Paris...
97-2008 :exhibitions in Perpignan, Apt, Draguignan, St Remy de Provence, Cavaillon, Chateaurenard, Carpentras, Fillols, Gordes, Isle sur Sorgue, Aubagne and Marseille...
2005-2008 :painting and video workshops with children in southern France, Kosovo and Albania (Labomotrice association)... and different experiments based on video works

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