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Galería Studio Cerrillo - San Cristóbal Chiapas
galería studio cerrillo / san cristóbal, chiapas

5 de Mayo 12 de Junio

Cisco Dietz | James Michalopoulos | Sylvain Fornaro
Play With Me Juega Conmigo

Moveable sculpture.
What’s your mood today, what are you feeling?
Play with me, is a sculpture that allows one to express those feeling and emotions while making art from art.

This new sculpture by, Cisco, is made from industrial elements. Stainless steel tubing and solid steel “end cuts” from a micro steel mill in Louisiana. It’s fun. It’s alive. It’s playable.
Cisco is allowing his viewers to participate in the creation of art on a daily, hourly basis. Feeling angry, move the stainless tubing into a position to release that anger. Feeling sexy move the tubes into a form that allows you to activate that sexuality. Feeling a bit blue, just stay and play and experience an evaporation of those blues. Or just walking by, stop a minute to meditate on the magic of art.

Email: cisco@apertours.com
Tel: 967 106 3430

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One of Sylvain's works & one of James'

Bio/Biografía: Cisco Dietz

Bio/Biografía: James Michalopoulos

Bio/Biografía: Sylvain Fornaro


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